The Unread Shelf Project and Reading Goals in 2018

Every year I start off thinking this will be the year I get through all those books I did not read last year. Well, we’ll see. Pics are of “those” books that have been sitting there through 2017 and a few I picked up in 2017.

As far as other reading goals…there are these:

Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series. I started with the most recent book The Thirst and then went back to the first two (The Bat and Cockroaches) about a brilliant police detective with the Oslo (Norway) police force, whose a classic loner/loose cannon with some unorthodox methods. I don’t generally read about serial killers and the detectives who hunt them down, but Nesbo is a fantastic writer with a solid grasp on pop culture and his characters are so well developed I can’t help connecting to this chain smoking alcoholic emotional wreck of a man who …ok connecting may be not the correct description…let’s say feel for, feel protective of, can’t stay away from. I’ve heard from folks who read all eleven books that the first two are not the strongest, well I really enjoyed the first one The Bat so we’ll see. Just enough grime and the right amount of twist.

How Nesbo describes his Hole novels “Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole novels are complex, ambitious constructions where suspenseful and fast-paced crime plots reflect our globalized modern world. Although Oslo is the background for Nesbo’s stories, the nature of contemporary crime pitches Harry against challenges in such remote corners of the world as Australia and Thailand, which lend the novels a truly international feel.

Oh, and highly anticipated – his Macbeth due out in April!!

Not pictured (mostly 2018, 2017 releases): Robicheaux by James Lee Burke, We Are Taking Only What We Need by Stephanie Powell Watts, The Mobus Strip Club of Grief by Bianca Stone, The Chandelier by Clarice Lispector, In the Distance with You by Carla Guelfenbein, Christmas in July by Alan Michael Parker, A Map of the Dark (The Searchers) by Karen Ellis, The Monk of Mocha by Dave Eggers (pre-ordered from Longfellow Books!!!), Camino Island by John Grisham, The Dry by Jane Harper, Dance of Jakaranda by Peter Kimani , This Will be my Undoing by Morgan Jerkins, Feel Free by Zadie Smith, The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu, Winter by Ali Smith, Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan, The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, and Love and Ruin by Paula McLain.

Currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (it is GOOD, go figure it won the Pulitzer) and just finished Grant by Ron Chernow (Chernow is the perfect biographer – able to amass an exceptional amount of information and then present in a serious, but easy to read manner).  Already read and am gifting The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin!

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – I feel like I need to read this before I read Florida, due out in June (I read and LOVED an exerpt).   Listening to on CD from library now.

I tried and failed… Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng – I just couldn’t get through this book. It started of a bit out of reach then was thoroughly thoughtful and enjoyable and then – and this is all me – I just didn’t find “thrilling” at all. But by all means, read it and let me know what you think!

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