Happy Birthday Delicious Musings

One year ago I entered the Blogosphere with a few thoughts and a couple cameras.  I have been completely overcome by the response this little project has received.  According to my ever faithful web guy the visitor numbers are real (sometimes I call him just to check the reality of the situation), yes 700 or so people are spending time with Delicious Musings a day. Really!?  This is when I do a little dance (think, and I cannot believe I am sharing this with you dear readers, but here goes – think Chicago Bears mid-80s touchdown dance yup that is me in my living room).  I probably check those numbers every couple months, more to make sure I am still on track that people still like what I am writing and/or rambling about. My musings as they are.

The comments have slowly started to trickle in on a more consistent basis, but it is the people I meet (sometimes complete strangers) and the emails or Facebook messages that make my heart big.  Just yesterday a really big London based blogger told me she began following my blog. It is hard to imagine, and wonderful to experience.

Thank you so much to each and every person who has read this blog. Thank you for allowing me to open up my life just a little to you. Thank you for being generous with your time, for believing in me, and for the encouragement.

Yesterday I did a little celebrating in advance of the “big” day with my friend Margaret, who also happens to have a terrific blog.  Jon, an amazing photographer (took the contact photo of me on the sk public relations site), is helping me get my act together image wise. Wait till you see what I/he has in store! Soon, soon, soon…


A toast to you and me dear readers. May the next year be every bit as fun with more food, travel, thoughts, and images. (This is homemade beer a friend sent, it was delicious!)


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