First Day of Summer

Today is the first official day of summer. Yay!!!  Summers are short in Maine so I plan to make the most of every warm dry day. What fun things will you be doing this summer?

What I am most looking forward to doing this summer.

Evening walks and staring up at the stars (I love this year round).

Wearing bright summery dresses and my denim shorts.

Sipping margaritas and eating chips and salsa outside.

Reading in my backyard. At the top of my pile are Irene Nemirovsky’s Dimanche and Lost Trails, Lost Cities by Colonel P.H. Fawcett.

Standing up on a surfboard. (I will actually be content catching waves and not getting hit by the board again and again :)).

A weekend on Isle au Haut with friends. This pretty much involves eating, hiking, eating, biking, eating, star gazing. I feel it is my obligation as a guest to eat as many shrimp puffs and chocolate truffles as humanly possible. Wouldn’t you!?


Making pesto with the basil from my garden (I throw in parsley and walnuts). With any luck I can throw some of my backyard tomatoes in with the (homemade) pasta later this summer.

Digging my toes into the dirt.

A week in Midcoast Maine swimming in the lake and attending faculty slideshows at the Maine Media Workshops.

An overnight trip aboard the Schooner J. & E. Riggin where I will be surrounded by four of the people I love most in this world – as much for their genuine compassion as their zest for life – Annie, Jon and their absolutely magical daughters Chloe and Ella whose curiosity thankfully knows no bounds .


Top photo The Year in Pictures. Bottom photo by Elizabeth Poisson.

One Response to First Day of Summer

  • A delightful post with good tips and a bit of whimsy. Just right for the first day of summer. Got to love the photo at the top. 🙂 Great tips by the way. We all need a to do like this for the summer. I guess I’d better get crackin’ on mine. It rained all afternoon here, but I was treated to the most incredible sunset outside my lanai tonight.

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