Classic Movie Posters Redesigned

As I await the opening of the next Twilight movie  (yes, it is absolutely my guiltiest pleasure) and look ahead at Oscar season, films are very much on my mind.  A well designed movie poster or cut trailer can get me to hand over my hard cash to cinema.  They are the frontline of marketing for movie studios, well and the release date (open a film this time of year and you’ve got to be thinking it has either very strong commercial appeal i.e. Twilight or Robert Downey’s Sherlock Holmes) or Oscar (i.e. The Artist or My Week with Marilyn…a quick BRAVO HARVEY!! to producing the two potentially best films 2011).  Here are a few oldies, but oh so goodies from years past with fun modernized posters. The Rocky one is my favorite.


Big, Ghostbusters, Rocky, Breakfast Club, and Dawn of the Dead designed by Brickhut.

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