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Dear readers, you have no idea how hard this secret was to keep. I really, really wanted to tell you all as soon as I knew…but I couldn’t …had to wait…till NOW. I’m writing the blog “The Root: Dispatches from Maine’s food sources” for The Portland Press Herald!!  I’ll be profiling farm families, reporting on farm-based education and internships, conducting Q&A’s with master beekeepers, offering tips on picking a CSA, and much more. So much more. It’s all going to be very delicious and really, really fun.

When I was in university I dreamed of being a journalist. I wrote for the student newspaper, interned at broadcast and print outlets, and was (of all things) the weather gal for a student TV show. After graduation I moved to Manhattan, where I’d wanted to live for as long as I can remember. I interned at a fashion magazine in the photo department and fell in love with the long walk to work, fashionable oh so smart editors, the pulse and promised myself one day I’d have a desk with as many rolodexes as the editor (three of the biggest I’ve seen to this day). One day I’m going to be a writer. That’s what I thought.

Well, things turned out a bit differently and after years away from writing of any sort I began this blog. This space known as Delicious Musings is  how I’ve navigated my way back to what I really love. Sharing stories. It is a place where my almost insatiable curiosity is met, where enough is never enough, and I can do what I want however and whenever I choose. It is a place of freedom and great joy. As is life sometimes, this thing is working itself out.

First came the Huffington Post with an opportunity to write about bees (I’m researching some pretty incredible folks now who hope to interview in the new year) and now The Portland Press Herald. I’m very grateful to my friends for all their encouragement and to the editors who allow me to dwell in their space.

My first two posts:

Maine’s Best Roosts: the 1st Maine Poultry Coop Contest

(photo of Mary & John Belding’s coop in Harrison, Maine. The Coop is mobile, 5′ by 8′, built on an old  axle, with rubber tires.  Construction is of hardwood (floor and 1″ by 2″ uprights), with 1/2″ thick pine siding, used polycarbonate for doors and windows, used metal roof.  We move the coop around in our small orchard in the summer and use flexible electric poultry netting to keep the birds out of our garden.  The coop usually houses 12-15 birds.)


Gift Farm-Fresh Produce with a CSA

Thank you Universe, dear readers, friends, new readers, editors.

Top photo by Richard Brzozowski. Bottom photo by Stacy Brenner.

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