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I love aprons. First of all I need to wear one when I’m baking or cooking as it is instinctive for me to wipe my hands on my thighs and waist. If I’m not wearing an apron, I’ll go ahead and wipe and then the laundry pile gets that much higher. My dad, who I used to watch from my perch in a tall chair in the corner of the kitchen, always wore an apron. He inspired me to cook so why not don the same garb? ¬†Maybe it is photos of homemakers in the 1950s wearing aprons or Betty Draper in full cocktail garb with a cigarette in one hand and spatula in the other wearing an apron. Here are a few I could see cooking holiday meals in.

Handsewn, vintage looking Lola Apron.

vintage apron find

Japanese designer uses raw linen from Lithuania to create Fog Linen Garcon Apron.


Patchwork Pocket Half Apron on Etsy.

Patchwork Pocket Half Apron

Molly Hutchins in one of her adorable designs.


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