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Archive for June, 2010

Hello New York

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

In four days I am city bound.  Looking forward to dinner at Babbo and seeing the delightful Mr. Ong and his cookies, which I am absolutely smitten with.


Photo by Simply Photo.

Jessica Stammen at Courthouse Gallery in Ellsworth, ME

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

If you are headed to Bar Harbor this weekend from Portland or the Midcoast please stop in the Courthouse Gallery in Ellsworth and see Jessica Stammen’s beautiful work in the group show “Painting Mount Desert Island.” Like Jessica, her work is bright and cheery.


The next time you visit Camden I highly recommend you stop in Jo Ellen Designs, the beautiful shop she runs with her (former children’s book illustrator) mother Jo Ellen.  Perfect for home decorating, gifts…
Jessica’s painting – From Outside, Looking In, Looking Over – 3 oil on panel  24×30
Photographs provided by Jo Ellen Designs.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

My kind of picnic from Wit and Design.

Just in time for summer, picnic fun from Design Sponge.

[image above, clockwise from top left: striped cushion $24, 4 person picnic basket $59, market baskets $40 each, carafe and tumblers $80, melamine plate $8.75, picnic cutlery $5, blue checked tablecloth $29.95, red checked oilcloth tablecloth $99, glass cups and carrier $24, melamine tumbler $8.75]

For the “most kick-ass” picnic guide ever check out Refinery 29.

From a Maine Dairy Farm

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010


First Day of Summer

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Today is the first official day of summer. Yay!!!  Summers are short in Maine so I plan to make the most of every warm dry day. What fun things will you be doing this summer?

What I am most looking forward to doing this summer.

Evening walks and staring up at the stars (I love this year round).

Wearing bright summery dresses and my denim shorts.

Sipping margaritas and eating chips and salsa outside.

Reading in my backyard. At the top of my pile are Irene Nemirovsky’s Dimanche and Lost Trails, Lost Cities by Colonel P.H. Fawcett.

Standing up on a surfboard. (I will actually be content catching waves and not getting hit by the board again and again :) ).

A weekend on Isle au Haut with friends. This pretty much involves eating, hiking, eating, biking, eating, star gazing. I feel it is my obligation as a guest to eat as many shrimp puffs and chocolate truffles as humanly possible. Wouldn’t you!?


Making pesto with the basil from my garden (I throw in parsley and walnuts). With any luck I can throw some of my backyard tomatoes in with the (homemade) pasta later this summer.

Digging my toes into the dirt.

A week in Midcoast Maine swimming in the lake and attending faculty slideshows at the Maine Media Workshops.

An overnight trip aboard the Schooner J. & E. Riggin where I will be surrounded by four of the people I love most in this world – as much for their genuine compassion as their zest for life – Annie, Jon and their absolutely magical daughters Chloe and Ella whose curiosity thankfully knows no bounds .


Top photo The Year in Pictures. Bottom photo by Elizabeth Poisson.

Taking It All In

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The past few days have been pure bliss thanks to a great deal of sunshine. I kept thinking I really ought to update Delicious Musings with something fun, summery and Maine.

What I started down the path on…

A list of things people don’t tell you about when you move to Maine…
1. The groundhogs here do flick people off. Ask my friends Margaret and Karl.
2. Cold ones are meant for morning, afternoon, and evening consumption. No Jimmy Buffet necessary. Oh, and the official/unofficial beverage of choice if not beer is Allen’s Coffee Brandy. For the record I have never had the brandy, I have witnessed people purchase a bottle with a loaf of (no kidding) Wonder Bread and a bottle of milk. Really!?
3. A solid temperature for swimming in the ocean is 50 as long as the sun is out***please do not forget your wetsuit
4. 97 is an appropriate age to operate a moving vehicle (don’t get me wrong, I am all for independence but this is not always a good idea!)

and ultimately…Sharing a photo of my adorable dog taking a nap in the sun, I mean can you believe her…


Radio Silence

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

I have been completely unmotivated to write, even to get excited about much of anything the past few days. If the weather forecast for the next few days did not include sunshine and temps at least edging into the 70s you would be hearing from me (or reading this) from a sunny cafe somewhere west of here.  I know it is not New England’s fault, but I am holding a serious grudge. A day or two of sunshine and a week of fog and rain. Seriously!?? How do people in Oregon and Seattle deal with this? Actually, I can answer that from my brief visits there, they go to one of the many cool hangouts and wait it out. They also drink some seriously good coffee. I upped my intake of chocolate yesterday and that left me feeling a bit ill so today I am trying coffee. Nothing is a substitute for sunshine. The natural elixir of the skin and soul.



stereotypical view

A few articles about Vitamin D Deficiency. Note:  Sunshine could help lower your risk of death!

The New York Times

The Huffington Post


USA Today

Top photo littlebrownpen. Middle photo abbytryagain. Bottom photo for me, for you.

New Common Ground Country Fair Poster Unveiled

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Love this poster MOGFA is using to promote the fair!


Why Not

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Watch the Addidas “Star Wars” themed World Cup commercial starring Snoop Dogg just one more time.

Read The Paris Review interview with cartoonist Robert Crumb.

Eat more peas.

many peas

Follow French women’s rules to live by.  Is there really any doubt they know best?  I didn’t think so.

Buy a camper RV and head to a beach in a warm climate.

Top photo by Smitten Kitchen. Bottom photo by Unruly Things.

Silent Fog

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Yet more fog has settled in, though I should not complain as we avoided two days of rain. Still, I could really use some sunshine and an opportunity to wear my cute summer things. Or maybe just not have to wear long pants and a sweater (albeit a light one).

I had a wonderful weekend, the best parts of which were seeing friends and having a delicious meal at Chef Brian Hill‘s newly opened Shepherd’s Pie in Rockport, Maine. His revolutionary duck hot dogs (I almost never eat bird) and finger licking good onion rings are reason to go back time and again. Photographer/multimedia artist Jonathan Laurence was among the people I ran into while there, his photos of the restaurant will run in an upcoming issue of Maine Magazine. I cannot wait to see/share them (this one of the pickled vegetables is the best I could do with my iPhone)!


Other highlights included:

Finding this amazing postcard of the Cash family by Annie Leibovitz at Tim Whelan’s photography shop in Rockport. In all my travels I have never found as great a selection of photography books and rarely does a shop keeper’s passion for his work match Tim’s.

Celebrating National Dairy Month at Cow and Calf Day at Farmers Fare – dairy farmers, owners of Kate’s Butter (I always bake with), and samples of special baked goods made with Maine dairy products.

Visiting the aromatic new Glendarragh Farm Lavender shop in Camden, which owner Lorie Costigan has beautifully decorated with antique barn pieces and thoughtfully filled with laundry soap, lavender-infused pillows and bath products, and of course dried bundles of lavender from her family’s organic farm. Lorie spent years editing local papers, so it is nice to see her doing her own thing now as a natural extension of the work she and her family have been doing on their 26-acre farm in Appleton, Maine.


Getting a massage at RHEAL Day Spa in Rockland.  At this blissful retreat I felt all the stress melt away as the therapist worked out each knot in my back.  Owner Rhonda Nordstrom, center in the photo, is one of my gals. She is the sweetest woman with incredible taste and great passion for life.


RHEAL staff photo by Annie Higbee.